When work starts, it will be messy, dusty and noisy so please expect this as normal while we work, but they are cleaned as we go.
Neighbours may come out express their concerns or complain. We manage this for you by providing them with a copy of our “ Pardon our Dust” letter with our job site supervisors contact information.

Your garden immediately around the affected area will not survive. If there is that special tree/plant that needs that extra love, we need to know before we start.
There are generally unforeseen problems or latent conditions with alterations and additions that would not have been allowed for!

Rain and wind do affect the project completion date so we will do our best to communicate any delays
All the little extra bits of work you request to be done during the project, add up to a lot of money at the end of the project so we need to be organised at our site meetings to be as efficient and cost-effective for you. It is our goal; to minimise changes and minimise hidden costs.

Building work does take up a lot of your time, with meetings, site inspections and selection of Prime Cost Items. We can agree on a meeting schedule convenient for you where you have the proper amount of time to help the team. Everyone on our team has responsibilities, deadlines and selection deadlines are the most key. If these are delayed it will certainly delay the completion date in most cases and cost more.
Most building products are made from natural resources and are susceptible to movements and minor defects.

If a product is cheap, it’s cheap for a reason! We have tried to accommodate clients with low budgets and it never works so it makes no sense to allow it any further, it’s a disservice to everyone.
For alterations and additions, you generally will need to move out for a period of time, it will greatly speed up the process and save us all time and money.
DCB will always be available for you and make the building process a pleasurable experience so that you will invite us to the party at the end! That will be the greatest compliment to us!